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PLEASURETORN SUBJUGATORS Kind: Medium Fiend (shapeshifter), neutral malefic


Description This Pleasuretorn Subjugators minifigure is shown here painted to show its final appearance, but is sold with a coat of primer applied only, ready to be customized with your own paint job.



The Pleasuretorn Subjugators are smaller demons born from the souls of mortal women who have committed crimes of lust. They are cruel and dominating, like their winged counterparts. They form the base soldiers of Hedonia and often ride their Carnal Servants into battle, as they have no wings to fly. If they prove themselves worthy, they can be promoted to Temptresses of Illyra'vash.



The Carnal Servitor are demons born of the most humble submissive masochists, those who, while alive, destroyed their lives and their families with their passions. They are tortured and deformed to become mounts and servants for higher-ranking demons. Pleasuretorn Subjugators, which have no wings of their own, usually use them as mounts in battle.

To acquire the complete campaign, including the maps, you can follow this link :

[Link to full campaign on MyMiniFactory]

    Pleasuretorn Subjugators - Pose 2

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