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ILLYRA'VASH, THE FIRST HARLOT Kind: Gargantuan (shape-shifting) infernal creature, lawful evil


Requires assembly

Description:  This ILLYRA'VASH, The first harlot figurine is shown here painted to illustrate its final appearance, but is sold with a coat of primer applied only, ready to be customized with your own paint job.



Illyra'vash is the ruler of Hedonia, the plane of Damnation representing the sin of lust. She punishes mortals who have offended the gods and blasphemed with the sin of lust.

Illyra'vash is ambitious and enjoys corrupting the incorruptible. Defiling the pure, even the divine, gives him immense satisfaction, and his greatest achievement is having seduced and conquered the deva known as Anedos. Illyra'vash dislikes being confined in Damnation and seeks to corrupt mortal souls in the mortal realm. She therefore maintains several cults and warlocks in the Material Plane and often conspires to lure more mortals into a world of pleasure and lust.

To acquire the complete campaign, including the maps, you can follow this link:

[Link to full campaign on MyMiniFactory]

ILLYRA'VASH, The first harlot (BUST)

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