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ALARIC VOIDBLADE Type: Humanoid medium creature (goliath), lawful good


Description This Alaric Voidblade figure is shown here painted to illustrate his final appearance, but is sold with a coat of primer applied only, ready to be customized with your own paint job.



Alaric Voidblade, a Goliath mercenary, is an imposing figure of strength and skill. With his shield and dreaded Voidblade in hand, he roams the lands offering his services to those in need of a fearsome warrior. Known for his unwavering loyalty and thunderous blows, Alaric has earned a reputation as an insurmountable force on the battlefield. Despite his rugged appearance, he possesses a compassionate heart, often defending the weak and adhering to a strict code of honor. With each new challenge he faces, Alaric forges his path as a legend among his people and all who cross his path.

To acquire the complete campaign, including the maps, you can follow this link :

[Link to full campaign on MyMiniFactory]

Alaric Voidblade

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