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ANEDOS THE LOST GRACE Kind: Huge demon, chaotic evil


May require assembly

Description:  This Anedos the lost grace figurine is shown here painted to illustrate its final appearance, but is sold with a coat of primer applied only, ready to be customized with your own paint.


Anedos, once a revered Deva of heavenly origin, fell from grace in a tragic tale of temptation. His descent began when he encountered Illyra'vash. Ensnared by her alluring charms, Anedos gave in to her desires and strayed from the path of righteousness. At that point, he severed his connection with the celestial realms, forever tarnishing his divine essence, and earning him the name "The Misguided Grace".

Anedos now uses his innate abilities to serve his evil mistress. He wields his corrupted divine essence like a weapon, channeling his remaining celestial magic to carry out Illyra'vash's nefarious plans. Though his heart yearns for redemption, Anedos' loyalty to his infernal lover keeps him by her side, perpetuating a cycle of sin and forbidden love.

Haunted by memories of his fall from grace, Anedos seeks solace in his service to Illyra'vash, hoping that his unwavering devotion will one day lead him down the path of redemption. However, as he fulfills his mistress's evil desires, his own inner torment rages, slowly transforming his appearance from divine to hellish.

To acquire the complete campaign, including the maps, you can follow this link:

[Link to full campaign on MyMiniFactory]

Anedos the lost grace - Pose 1

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