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From November: Discover our DM STASH Figurines, Available at Northlands Miniatures!

As the month of October comes to a close, we look forward to bringing you an exciting announcement for the month of November from Northlands Miniatures. Starting in November, we're offering DM STASH figures, meaning you can enrich your role-playing adventures with these incredible figures.DM STASH figures:DM STASH figurines are already renowned for their exceptional quality and impressive level of detail. Starting in November, they will become a permanent option for all DnD enthusiasts.Epic Adventures:With each DM STASH figure, a complete Dungeons and Dragons adventure awaits you. Whether you're a game master or a player, get ready to dive into fantasy worlds filled with intrigue, quests and challenges.What's Included with the Purchase of a DM STASH Figure:

  • 1x One Act Campaign Module (4-8+ sessions)

  • 92-page Campaign Booklet

  • NEW Sorcerer Subclass – Pact of Decay – A Devil of Decay will lend you his powers, so that your mere touch brings decay and death. Wither your enemies from within and the earth around you, then watch them tremble in fear.

  • 1x Full size A2 printable card from Belfrie

  • 8x Original Battle Cards for you and your party to use in Velandria and Reveries of the Night Deep

  • 14x Original Stat Blocks for a level 10-12 campaign

  • 15x Original Magic Items that can be obtained throughout the campaign or given as rewards for encounters.

How to take advantage of this Offer:Starting in November, by purchasing a DM STASH figurine from Northlands Miniatures, you will receive a link to download all associated digital files. Print them or view them on your favorite device to dive into the adventure.Conclusion:At Northlands Miniatures, we are dedicated to enriching your role-playing adventures. Our offering of complete DM STASH figures turns every game into an epic adventure. Get ready to experience unforgettable quests and discover fantastical worlds this November.

Stay tuned for more details on individual figures and upcoming adventures. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the captivating world of Dungeons and Dragons with Northlands Miniatures!

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