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Our Commitment, Your Quest

At the heart of this extraordinary adventure, two passionate souls unite, driven by a deep love for DND-type figurines and resin collectible creations. Allow us to reveal our exceptional duo, embarked on a captivating quest:

Founder - Treasures Visionary

As founder, Samuel is the daring explorer of the universe of DND figurines and collections of all kinds. In partnership with renowned artists, we reveal rare treasures, each containing the essence of fantasy worlds. Each piece becomes an artifact, a jewel of the imagination, with the power of our commercial license granted by the eminent Archvillain Games™.

Co-founder - The muse

Let me introduce you to our outstanding co-founder, Mallia, the creative force behind our online presence, product release wizard and sales architect. In addition, Mallia brings her support by valiantly participating in commercial contests. With her charisma and business acumen, she opens new paths to success, forging alliances and expanding our reach beyond our horizons. Know that Mallia is the fairy behind the curtain, working behind the scenes to make your experience truly enchanting. May his journey continue to be a modern epic, illuminating our path with his sparkling creativity and unquenchable passion. Welcome to the world where ideas take shape and dreams come to life in three dimensions.

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