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Darkness Unleashed

In the distant past, the city of Valerian was a bastion of light and prosperity, known for its magnificence and wealth. However, an ancient threat that lay dormant beneath the city has awakened, unleashing a mysterious darkness that has corrupted everything it touches. Valerian is now plunged into an eternal nightmare, a city where night reigns supreme, and evil shadows lurk in every corner.



  1. Alcuin the Witch Hunter

    • HP: 8

    • Attack Dice: 3

    • Defense Dice: 2

    • Spells: [According to preferences]

  2. Gnarl the Cleric

    • HP: 6

    • Attack Dice: 2

    • Defense Dice: 3

    • Spells: [According to preferences]

  3. Isabetta of Dawn

    • HP: 6

    • Attack Dice: 2

    • Defense Dice: 2

    • Spells: [According to preferences]

  4. Kalineas the Broken

    • HP: 7

    • Attack Dice: 4

    • Defense Dice: 2

    • Spells: None

Main Enemies:

  1. Zadkiel the Fallen

    • HP: 12

    • Attack Dice: 4

    • Defense Dice: 4

  2. Neverishka, Spawn of Etrazek

    • HP: 15

    • Attack Dice: 5

    • Defense Dice: 3

  3. Torgrasyl Draketh Champion

    • HP: 20

    • Attack Dice: 6

    • Defense Dice: 5

Additional Enemies (HeroQuest):

Use standard stats for HeroQuest creatures such as goblins, orcs, skeletons, etc.

Act 1: The Darkness Awakens

  • Location: Ruins of Valerian

  • Objective: Explore the ruins, rescue as many survivors as possible, and discover the origin of the corruption.

  • Enemies: Goblins, Orcs, Skeleton Warriors.

Opening scene: Our heroes,Alcuin,Gnarl,Isabetta, And Kalineas, gather the survivors in the still-standing ruins of an old tavern. Isabetta, with firm determination in her eyes, speaks:

Isabetta: "Hope is not lost. We are here, still standing, still alive, and we will take back our city!"

Baldgrim the Blacksmith, a man with a past marked by strength and endurance, finds you, desperate for help for his daughter captured by the shadows in their own home. You promise to save the girl and hopefully find answers.

Location: Streets and Baldgrim House

Dialogues: Conversations with Baldgrim about the state of the city, the disappearance of his daughter, and the corruption that is spreading.

Location: The ruins of the city of Valerian

Side Quest: Find clues to the fate of Zadkiel, the once-revered hero who is now corrupted.


  • Kadan Gith Swordmaster: Kadan is later found, injured but fighting bravely against the corrupted creatures.

    • Kadan Gith: "I have seen the fall of Zadkiel...the lust for power and the fear of powerlessness can lead us down a dark path."

    • Objective: Protect Kadan Gith and learn what he knows from Zadkiel.

    • Reward: It will offer specialized combat training or vital information regarding the catacombs beneath the city.

Act 2: Corruption Grows

Story: While saving Baldgrim's daughter, you learn from her about Zadkiel, the Fallen Hero, who has become a source of corruption. Zadkiel, once Valerian's protector, now wields a corrupted mace, converting everything it touches into darkness.

Location: Valerian's Cursed Cathedral​

  • Objective: Descend into the depths of the cathedral and find the place of the invocation.

  • Enemies: Zombies, Skeletons and Zadkiel as a boss.

Dialogues: Discussions with remaining NPCs (priests, hidden survivors), the confrontation with Zadkiel.

Zadkiel reveals that his corruption is a necessary sacrifice to prevent Neverishka's awakening.

Act 3: The Showdown with the Dragon

Story: Zadkiel's fall reveals that his power came from a sleeping dragon beneath Valerian, now awakened and unleashed. The fiery flames threaten not only Valerian, but all surrounding kingdoms. Your final battle awaits in the depths...

Location: Underground Caverns and Dragon's Lair​

  • Objective: Fight against Neverishka, Spawn of Ethrazek to prevent it from reaching the surface.

  • Enemies: Chaos Warriors, Gargoyles, Neverishka as the final boss.

Dialogues: Final confrontation with the dragon, final dialogues with the freed inhabitants.

Act 4: The Return of Tograsyl

Story: With the defeat of the dragon, a semblance of peace envelopes the city, but it is short-lived. The spectrum of Tograsyl, a legendary warrior once struck down by the dragon, emerges from the ashes of the vanquished beast. With cold breath and unwavering resentment, he seeks to enslave what remains of Valerian, becoming a new enemy to face.

Location: Valerian Ruins and Tograsyl Spectral Fortress

The ruins provide a perilous playground with dangers such as sharp debris, crevices, and perhaps traps left by vengeful spirits. The spectral fortress of Tograsyl, on the other hand, is an otherworldly structure, floating between the planes of existence, with twisting paths, illusions and spiritual traps

  • Objective: Track the wraith of Torgrasyl Draketh Champion through his trails that lead to the Tograsyl Wraith Fortress.

  • Enemies: Specters: Use skeleton or zombie stats to represent them, Chaos Warriors.

Dialogues: Spectral confrontations with Tograsyl, advice from benevolent spirits of the past, and strategies with remaining allies.

Act 5: The Last Confrontation

Story: The final battle is preparing. Tograsyl, a fearsome warrior mounted on a terrifying dragon creature, waits in his lair, wielding a toothed spear. Valerian can only be freed from his nightmare by defeating this vengeful specter, and this final confrontation promises to be epic.

Location: Tograsyl Spectral Fortress

  • Objective: Face and defeat Tograsyl mounted on his dragon mount to free Valerian from his evil grip and end the nightmare.

  • Enemies: Spectral Guardians: the defenders of the spectral fortress,Tograsyl Draketh Champion : the warrior specter mounted on a draconic creature, armed with his toothed spear.

Dialogues: Tense exchanges with Tograsyl, confidences from Tograsyl's tormented soul and final discussions with the remaining allies.


Conclusion :

"The chains that bound Tograsyl to this world break, finally freeing his tormented soul. Valerian breathes, slowly rising from his ashes, light finally piercing through the lingering darkness. You look around you, at the familiar faces of the survivors, heroes who, like you, chose to face the unimaginable to save what could be saved. The future is uncertain, but for the first time in a long time, there is hope."

Noticed :

"This campaign is a base for game masters (DMs). You are encouraged to add, modify and customize elements according to your group's preferences. Hero and enemy statistics, side quests, dialogue, Locations and other details can be adapted to create a unique experience for your players. May the story continue, and let everyone's imagination shape Valerian's destiny."

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